Monday, December 10, 2007

SIDE KICK: quick shot jack

feel free to post backstory for these guys...i would love to see what you think they are up too.


patiø said...

i digs the chevrons

casper said...


jeffrey said...

this is my theory...

Quick shot and bazooka were both brought into this world by the same miserable woman, who at first was mistakenly mis-diagnosed as being rosie o'donell, but just turned out to be very with no more than 5mm between eachother, they were born. Obviously non-identical twins, these two spent every living second together as they tormented all gods creatures, and eventually conqured jupiter.
Their victory however, was short lived.
No more than 5 days after claiming the planet, quickshot, bet, and lost ownership to zorgoz destoyer of worlds in a game of dice. zorgoz, ofcourse, destroyed jupiter.

and now quick shot and bazooka are in for an eternity of couch surfing the universe.

ps. bazooka boy is clearly compensating for something.

casper said...

ok i say the next thing everyone should draw is what zorgoz looks like!

i miss you man